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7 Seconds of Courage

By Noah Seguin on 27 Nov 2020

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“I can’t do it,” is what I would tell myself every time I thought about talking with a stranger about Jesus. “What will they think of me?” I stressed. I was so consumed with fear, I didn't recognize what God wanted to do through me.

The first time I did evangelism in Lindale, Texas, I went with a team. We walked for two hours, and prayed with people whenever we had the chance. I saw specific individuals I felt I should pray for but I was too nervous to say anything. I was so focused on what could possibly go wrong, I stayed silent.

Afterward, I felt convicted about not sharing what God had told me to, so I started purposely praying and seeking God to give me the courage and boldness I needed to proclaim the gospel. Before long we left on a stateside missions trip.

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Weeks one and two of outreach challenged me in many ways pertaining to having courage. Unlike those little trips we took back in Texas, I couldn't say, “Well, after these two hours I can go back to the YWAM base and not have to talk to strangers.”  

So, when we went out and started evangelizing, I pushed myself more to start a conversation with someone. I'll never forget the feeling of complete dread and anxiousness in those first few seconds. But because of my obedience to God, I was able to pray for someone and share God’s heart with them and for them.

After the conversation, there was such a tangible, refreshing peace knowing I had listened to what God told me to speak. I had to push through the first few times but the more I did it, the easier it became to talk to people.

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During a moment of extreme nervousness, God gave me this phrase I've kept in the forefront of my mind ever since—


"7 seconds of courage can change someone’s eternity."

Believe me, I would NEVER talk to people if it wasn’t for what God has done in me and spoken to me. I’m definitely an introvert and socializing with strangers isn’t what I’m most comfortable with, but because of what Jesus has done in my life, I can be truly unashamed of the gospel.

He wants to use you to change the world, and all it takes is 7 seconds of courage, that’s all you need.

Are you ready? Ready to change the world? You may be thinking your life doesn't matter in making a difference. You need to know that's a lie. We believe your life matters and we want you to get to know God so you can be blessing to others. Sign up for Discipleship Training School and begin a journey to become more courageous in your life. 

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Noah Seguin

Written by Noah Seguin

Noah is a Discipleship Training School (DTS) graduate from our Summer 2020 schools

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