Are you fighting fear? Are you doubting whether or not God still hears your prayers? Do you feel the weight of not knowing what to do or how to move forward in your life?

We all face wondering like this from time to time.  After all, we are human.

Don’t be ashamed if you have questions like this, you are not alone. I also ask this during certain seasons of my life, but one thing I have learned through the course of my life is God never changes. He has proven this to me time and time again, and He is proving it even right now.

Like many others, I had to acclimate to different circumstances as the COVID-19 virus caused the government to make decisions that affected me here at Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

My Discipleship Training School (DTS) class was preparing for outreach to Peru and had been training for months by learning medical aid. When it came time to leave, the Peruvian government closed their borders.

While praying for our trip, we all felt the Lord calling us there and preparing a way for us in Peru before we got there. Then all of a sudden, we had to come to terms with the reality we were not able to go, let alone leave the country.

A lot of us were confused and wondering whether God had heard our prayers, and why after so much preparation, we now could not go. After spending much time with the Lord and hearing the testimonies of the people around me, I realized something--God is still good. He hasn’t changed, he still loves me, he is still guiding and protecting me.

Some time later, our leaders, after many meetings and prayer, felt called to lead a local outreach here in Tyler, Texas. We would be staying on base and doing work around here, blessing the people the Lord has called here and preparing the base for those to come.

Our first week started off and we all came together with hearts of servitude; making new relationships with those on base as we worked in different small groups doing an assortment of different tasks together.

We continued as a base to draw nearer to God and ask for his wisdom and guidance in the ever changing circumstances. He continued to speak words of encouragement to me through people and scriptures.

Then the unexpected happened again. Every student had to return home due to the continuing restrictions in the country and states. Our leadership, with wisdom, had to call our outreaches to a close.

But one thing remains the same ... Somehow through all of the changes, there is a sense of peace all over the base. The one consistency is that God is still good.

In all of these changes, He has not moved. He is still strong. He still desires good in our lives. He still desires to be with us, especially in our struggles. In a season that can feel so inconsistent, God's unmovable love for us is constant.


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Ben Valkema

Author: Ben Valkema

Ben followed God's guidance from NY to TX for his DTS in January 2020. He is currently attending SOE but preparing for a U.S. stateside outreach. He is waiting on the Lord to lead him into what's next after his schools, but for now, his firm foundation is being built on Christ!