Family Matters

When wisdom speaks, you need to listen.

Is it just me, or does every generation go through a season of life believing they know it all? Even the Apostle Paul did. It wasn't until he met Jesus on the road to Damascus that he realized how blind to the truth he really was. Don't you think most people need a dramatic experience to give them perspective on their life and what's really going on?

I have a lot of emotions I'm working through, and before I express my current situation, I want to acknowledge God, who deserves all the glory because without His presence, our valleys would be unbearable, dark, and hopeless.

This week, my family and I have definitely been trudging through the unexpected health decline of my grandmother. Although death is the fate for every living thing, this fact doesn't quite hit home until you have to deal with the heartbreak of seeing someone you love slowly drifting out of this world.

hope and siblings with grandmother

(This is my Nana. I'm the little girl bottom right.)

Often times, I've wondered when and how this day would play out, but now that it's here my only desire is to go back in time to relive the most cherished moments with my Nana. Our relationship was never perfect, but I believe without a single doubt, she loved me and I loved her.

When Nana spoke about Jesus, I knew she meant business. Her influence in my life has helped mold my perception on just how brief this worldly life is. She taught me true joy is found when we serve Jesus. Out of all my memories made with her, they pale in comparison to the wisdom and knowledge I gained watching her walk out her life dedicated to making God known.

hopes nana on a camel in egypt(Nana on a mission trip in Egypt)

She was made to be bold for Christ and her life displayed His glory well. It was an honor to know her. She radiated the love of God everywhere she went. I am still blown away when I think about the amount of faith she acquired over her lifetime. Whenever the Lord decides to take her home, and it looks like it will be soon, there will be a shout from heaven, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!"

Are you walking through a difficult season?

Perhaps hearing a different point of view will help you be open to see God's truth. If you can recall, God's whole purpose for sending Jesus was to redeem the whole earth. He sent a human to share His truth. So, even through Jesus, God shows how much He wants to speak through His people.

When Jesus shared His perspective with Paul, he was never the same. Once you are exposed to the truth, how can you ignore it? 

Don't allow yourself to become content with where you are at. God wants more for you. Never stop pursuing Him! Take a moment and look back at where you started. Who were those people championing you, praying for you, and guiding you along the path of righteousness?

For me, it was my Nana. She lived a full life, filled with numerous lessons to glean from. Who is it for you?

As a member of a younger generation, I don't want to be fooled into thinking I know it all. Taking time to listen to our elders is valuable. Don't miss your chance to hear these firsthand stories, and let them change you for the better. The harsh reality is, our time with them is shorter than you think. Make time for them, and hold those moments close to your heart forever.

Hope Bear

Written by Hope Bear

Hope Bear works in Media Communications. She loves her family and values relationships. In her spare time she enjoys driving and singing along to all kinds of music. You will most likely catch her driving towards a coffee shop. Above all else, she finds joy in discovering who Jesus is everyday!

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