Before my YWAM DTS I was just going through all the motions that I thought others expected of me. I had been going to college, but after a few years of taking and retaking classes, I figured I should do something different with my life or at least postpone college until I knew what degree I wanted to work towards. While I was in college, I was also a youth leader at my church.


One summer we were planning our mission’s trip and happened to stumble upon an opportunity in New Orleans. We thought this would be a great place to take the youth, after all a city like New Orleans offers a diversity that you just don’t find in rural Missouri.

When we arrived, we discovered that the team hosting us were "YWAMer’s." None of us had ever heard of YWAM (Youth With A Mission), but we loved our experience with that group so much, we took another trip back the next summer. 


During that second trip, I got to know the YWAM staff in New Orleans better, and I was so impressed that they had chosen full-time missions as their career. I had never really heard of people being missionaries in the United States, which sparked an interest in me.

I also loved the community they had developed amongst themselves. They were more than a team; they were a family, and just 2 months later, I was being dropped off to join that family and actually participate in a Discipleship Training School (DTS) myself.


Prior to DTS, I believed and loved God as much as I knew how to, but the reality is I didn’t know much. I lacked truth and joy in my life, and that’s exactly what I found when I came to YWAM. I remember one day we were all worshipping together, and I felt so broken. I just wanted God to speak to me! What happened next had me in complete awe.

I knew that God spoke, and I had heard His voice before, but during that worship time God sent someone to pray with me. They felt like God had given them a word for me! What? God cares about me so much that He speaks to other people about me? I was blown away that day! I don’t even remember the words that were prayed, but the way God used my team to reveal Himself to me is something I will never forget!

I never thought that a couple summer mission trips would lead to a life in missions with YWAM, but I feel like I’m living the most blessed life!


~ Guest Author: Haley Fisher, a full-time missionary at YWAM Tyler 😊

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Tyler Tom

Author: Tyler Tom

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