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The Revive Mobile Team has been back on the road for a Fall tour! After a quick pit stop in Georgia, they made their way to Montclair, VA, just outside Washington, DC. For three days they were in and out of DC to work with the Awaken the Dawn event which took place on the Mall.

If you haven't heard of the event, it's a giant, 24/4 worship and prayer meeting, including 58 different tents with constant worship. The goal of the event was to engage this nation with worship, prayer, and missions (50 of the tents were each designated for a specific state).

IMG_9382.jpgAs we were working our first shift at the event's main stage, worship leader Rick Pino sang a song most of us hadn't heard before. It was called "Pioneer." The verse went like this "You travel light, and you travel alone, And when you arrive nobody knows, But the Father in heaven, He is glad you can go, For those who come after you will need the road"

This came just after the event coordinators had brought Jason Hersey on stage to honor him for the work he has done with David's Tent. Although the song wasn't in reference to Jason, I couldn't help but make the correlation. Jason's prayer and worship efforts over many years had paved the way for Awaken the Dawn.

The evening then wrapped up, we hung around to pray for some of the attendees, then jumped on the metro to head home. As the event has rolled on, that first night with Rick Pino's song has stuck with me the strongest. It blesses me to know the discipleship center that pioneer's, that is YWAM Tyler, had a role in trailblazing the way for an event that is touching lives here and across the nation. I hope it encourages you.

As we continue on our tour, we are sharing God's love to youth groups, churches, and communities through worship and teaching.

Ethan ~ Revive Mobile Team

Rick Pino "Pioneer"

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Tyler Tom

Author: Tyler Tom

You can find Tyler Tom roaming the Twin Oaks campus taking in the fresh sunshine, or sipping a hot latte in the Substation. Enamored by God's faithfulness, Tyler Tom gathers stories and interviews to share with you from what God's doing with His children among the nations.

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