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My whole life I’ve asked God questions. “God, what do You think about this?”, “God, which choice should I make?”, “Is this really You?”, “God, why this?” and the list goes on and on.

Asking God questions is normal for most Christians and non-Christians alike. Even when we don’t expect Him to answer, we still like to question.

Recently though God’s been asking me questions, and it’s changing my life.

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1. "Jenna, what if I asked you to . . . "                        ?
Fill in the blank with something I’ve never thought of, something that completely terrifies me, or something I’ve deemed “impossible”. But it always evokes a response in my heart. Normally something along the lines of: “Hahaha, funny God”. And after I’ve listed the thousand and one excuses for why it’s not possible, He asks me another question ~ 

2. "But, am I big enough?"
*Cue convicting feeling*  ~ "Well of course, You’re the creator of the universe.”

“So what’s the problem, Jenna?”

Too often I find the excuses I made for question #1 are all about myself and not about God and His nature and role as my Father. In order to walk in faith with God I have to take my eyes off myself and focus on Him.

3. “Could you dare to dream bigger?”
Ephesians 3 talks about God being the one who is able to do abundantly more than we could ever think or ask. Some translations say immeasurably more or infinitely more, or my personal favorite: exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. Even in the “impossible” things God asks me to believe Him, for He cannot be limited within them, and I have to remember that.

4. “Would you lay that down for Me?”
This has been a big one for me lately, learning to give up the rights I think I deserve. The right to comfort, to know what the future looks like, the right to perfect, easy relationships, the right to feel happy. It’s a long list.

Let me give you an example:
A week ago I left Texas for the third time. I know God’s call on my life involves being in Texas, I know I will go back. Yet, as my plane was getting ready to take off I thought, “What if I never get to come back?”. I never thought I’d say it but I love Texas. I love the ministry and work YWAM Tyler does in America and worldwide, and I love the people. Texas has become a second home, and my friends have become a second family. Needless to say thinking, “What if I never get to come back?” as my plane was taking off was not pleasant. So I began to dialog with God ~ 

“Anything could happen, I could not come back.”

“That’s true, Jenna.”

“It wouldn’t make much sense though, I know You’ve called me here.”

“Yes, I have.”

“Look God, I trust You and what You’ve spoken, but why am I thinking about this? Why does it scare me?”

“Because I need you to lay it down.”

Yikes. What I realized in that moment is that God will always ask me to do things. Things I don’t want to do, and things I want to do so badly it hurts to think of them not happening. But whether I want them or not, I have to lay them at His feet and decide that no matter what He will always be good. I need to do that because I have to choose Him above my dreams, even if they’re ones He’s given me.

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5. “Will you wait and trust in my timing?”
I’m logical. I love to plan, and I love to organize things. When someone gives me a task or a project my mind automatically starts to analyze all the steps I’ll need to take, and how to get the job done with excellence and efficiently. My mind like to take control.

I do that with God too. I get a tiny glimpse at where He’s leading me and I go, “Cool, thanks! I’ll take it from here, I know how to get there!”. But that’s not the life He’s called us to live. God wants to walk beside me every step of the way because He knows the best path to get there. Even if it takes longer than I think, is harder than I want it to be, or doesn’t look like I imagine.


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6. “Who’s approval are you seeking?”
This question comes up in every aspect of my life. I am a prideful person, who cares about the opinions of others too much, and God knows that.

Recently I heard this phrase: “We cannot seek the grand manifestation of God like things to exude from our lives. We must seek the grand manifestation of God like person to be shown in our lives.”
Being a regular person standing in God-like circumstances will give us the glory. Being a God-like person standing in the midst of any circumstance, good or bad, will give God the glory.
What’s more important to me?

So what are the questions God is asking you? How are they changing your life? And will you let them?

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Jenna Dorey

Author: Jenna Dorey

Jenna is 20, a Canadian by blood, and a missionary by choice. She recently completed School of the Bible and serves full-time with YWAM Tyler.

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