Christmas memorialises the greatest mission-trip of all time. This was a long-term assignment, a to-the-death calling, an irrevocable vocation. From beginning to end, Christmas is about God's mission to redeem His dying people, and He chose the most extraordinary strategy imaginable to accomplish this: becoming "God Incarnate."

I ask myself, what does this really mean? How is it possible for the Creator of all things to confine Himself to the limitations of His creation, and a creation tarnished with the ugliness of sin and death, no less? How does Eternal Majesty take on finite flesh?

I can ask these questions but I know my mind will never fully comprehend - at least not this side of eternity. Ultimately, all I can do is gaze in awestruck wonder at this Baby cradled in a feed trough, basking in the glow of Heaven's Glory, which He brought to earth that ageless holy night. This Baby is God; God In Flesh, God With Us. History was forever changed in that moment. And, oh, my heart is so burstingly thankful!

This Christmas-time, may our lives increasingly reflect the glory and majesty of our King. Wherever we go and whomever we spend our moments with, may the heart of God beat within us and may His mission become evermore our own.

Louise Brown

Author: Louise Brown

Louise is an Australian with four awesome school-aged kids. Together they have travelled around the world with YWAM since 2013, finally landing in Texas in 2017. Louise currently writes with the YWAM Tyler blog team and loves being part of this worshiping, serving, Jesus-loving community!