Earlier this year, a team from YWAM Tyler traveled to India to commemorate an extraordinary moment in history. As the tribal village of Depachara and visiting Uchoi churches celebrated 75 years of Christianity, they welcomed the translation of the Word of God into their own language.

A drum sounded from the back of the crowd as a man shouted in Kaobrung:

“We play the drum to honor the King’s declaration. Our King, our Most High God, King of kings and Lord of lords—His Word is among us today!”


Young children carrying Kaobrung New Testaments marched behind the drumming herald as he moved forward through the throng of people. The children took their places, each one in front of an elder, and faced the eager crowd. Reverent, expectant silence enveloped the gathering as one-by-one, Pastors, evangelists, and church leaders came forward to receive their New Testaments from the elders.

An old man and his wife wept unashamedly as they carried their treasured book, God’s Word— the first book to be printed in their language—away from the stage. Their tears reflected the unspoken joy in the faces of the gathered believers.

Mark, the tribal YWAM’er who spearheaded the translation, rose to speak and pray. His appeal to heaven poured out like unstoppable waters, and many wept and raised their unleashed voices to God in worship and thanks.

After the dedication, Depachara’s pastor appealed to everyone: “If we are faithful to use this New Testament, God may also bless us with the Old Testament in our own language.” His church, which rises with the ringing of the church bell to pray each day, wants more of God.


Twenty YWAM Tyler students and staff celebrated alongside the Uchoi believers. After the three-day celebration, they went with local Christians to deliver more copies of the New Testament to the homes of believers in and around Depachara. They also played soccer, fished, and shared meals together. In heaven, we will someday once again stand with these dear brothers and sisters around the throne of God and hear His praises in Kaobrung.

“After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” — Revelation 7:9 (NIV)


Here at YWAM Tyler, we are part of a global project to End Bible Poverty Now! With concerted efforts like this one, every people group on the planet will have a Bible in their language. ❤️ Some of our Discipleship Training Schools are participating in this project as well. Join us today!

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Tyler Tom

Author: Tyler Tom

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