It's crazy how God can change things in your life so fast. This time last year I was doing nothing but wasting my life. Now, I’m living with a purpose and get to have new exciting experiences with God everyday. Setting an example and manifesting God's image in all the things I do brings me great joy.

God has definitely been moving in all kinds of ways since my team has been on outreach in Brazil.

I have met so many great people since I've been here, and I have had the privilege to pray for many people on the streets, in schools, at their businesses, and for other missionaries serving in this country.


We just went walking with Bibles in our backpacks, looking for someone who might need one, or if they just need to hear that God loves them. Sometimes that's all someone really needs.


When someone hears they are loved, it can melt their heart, and change their perspective on their situation.


We have painted rooms, we have served food to kids in a disciple school from 5am to midnight for a week straight. We have served the homeless food, held worship services bringing Light in the middle of their Dark territory. We have seen a deaf man, who didn't understand a word, even yelling at us, after praying for him, had a conversation with us where he was speaking softly. He was healed! We've seen all kinds of people set on fire for Jesus jumping and dancing in His joy. These beautiful souls were prayed for, and couldn't help but start worshipping in the middle of the street.


God is so good! I'm going out to do my favorite thing again today -- street evangelism. Pray for us.


Matthew 5:16 "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

- Dillon is on outreach in Brazil with his DTS team.


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Tyler Tom

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