It was 1992 when my 29 year old daughter called home and announced that she was in Tyler, TX at Youth With a Mission to start a DTS the next day. My husband and I were astounded. DTS? What was that? Was our daughter involved with a cult? The last we had heard she was in upstate New York.

After several weeks of worrying, I decided to fly from New York to Texas ready to drag her home. Amazed at the change I saw in her and the Biblical teachings I was hearing, I was reassured and intrigued. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could do a Discipleship Training School (DTS) too?

My husband at the time was an unbeliever, and he didn't think too highly of my being gone for five months, so I put my desire on hold. Years passed, and the thought faded because I felt too old. I even told my daughter, if I was widowed I would do it, which showed there was still a wish in my heart, but of course I wasn't planning on that.

Twenty-six years later, after my husband passed into the arms of Jesus, having been saved shortly before, my daughter reminded me, I could do a DTS now. No way, I thought. I was way too old to be with a group of 18-24 year olds.

My daughter then proceeded to tell me about the Crossroads DTS, specifically designed for those 30 and older who find themselves at a crossroad in life, and it started in July. Well there went my excuse. "Oh God, what are you doing?!" And immediately I thought to myself, there's no way I'm doing an outreach!

"Just sign up," He whispered quietly.

So reluctantly, I did and to my surprise was immediately accepted! Good thing I won't have to do an outreach, I thought. However, before classes started, I started sensing God did intend for me to go on outreach. I just knew.

Now at week nine of the CDTS, I can't wait for outreach. There you have it. At age 79, I can say it's NEVER too late to do a DTS. 😀❤️

Guest Author ~ Allie Lou Richardson


What an awesome story from a current student! She's 79 years young and loving her time here at YWAM Tyler. Go Allie Lou! We are thankful to have her as part of this community. YOU TOO can join us here! Don't wait any longer. #nevertoolate 😉

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