Since I got the news that I'd be working in grounds full-time I started to pray, asking God to give me His heart for this department. Grounds is an important department at YWAM Tyler. Keeping this campus a pleasant place for those who live here and for those who visit really does matter! However, there's more than just making this place nice or keeping the grass mowed and trees trimmed. As I've been working and praying, I've felt that God was putting in my heart His desires for this department.


This land has an important history. God chose this place, and He has been using YWAM Tyler to change many lives in America and in other nations. This is a place that people come "to know God," to understand their calling in His Kingdom, to have a deep, true and honest relationship with Jesus, and "to make Him known" in the nations or in their own community. In this place, people are transformed. It's not because this property has some magic power or because of the people that live here. It's only because Jesus died on the cross for each one of us, and He is the one who changes everything.


Having the right heart while working in grounds revolves around grasping the truth that this work is preparing an environment where the staff, students, and visitors can have a relationship with Christ. In every area we mow, every tree we trim, every branch we pick up, in everything we do, our heart needs to be in Jesus. Our intention is to glorify God by doing what He calls us to do, even something so simple as mowing the grass. Obeying the little things will enable us to hear His voice and have the peace that only He can provide, for real satisfaction and happiness can only be found in Him.


To work on grounds is to invite people to a place where Jesus is glorified and His name is praised, creating a comfortable place where the Holy Ghost can move and act. The heart behind this department is simply to glorify God.

Guest Author ~ Leandro Garabini


With almost 500 acres of land, YWAM Tyler is a beautiful place to get to know God. Over the years, many have shared stories of meeting God while sitting on a stump amongst the trees, kneeling on the dock beside the lake, walking around the well traveled loop, or gazing upon the amazing night sky. God is in this place, and we are thankful for the beauty around us. The grounds team does an amazing job making this place look stunning. Come join us for an upcoming Discipleship Training School in 2019! You'll be in awe at how God works in your life on this property.

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