My family and I were very excited and ready for what God had for us. We looked at the cost of the plane tickets for all four of us to travel. $5,000 USD. Our hearts sank. There was no way we could afford this.

We were living in Brazil and had already gone through schools at YWAM in the US. God spoke and said we needed to go back to YWAM Tyler to staff the school starting on January 3rd. Miraculously, we had our visa in hand to go back to America, but these plane tickets seemed impossible.


Although we couldn't see how this would work, God had told us that we were to go.  If God wanted us back, He would make a way. So we continued to wait and trust in Him.

One day, a lady we had gotten to know a little bit over the years sent us a Facebook message. "Hey, I heard you got your visa for going to the US. When are you going to go back?"

I replied, 'We did; we got our visa. I would like to be there before January 3rd to staff the next school, but I got no money for the tickets."

She responded, "Well, I work for American Airlines, and I can give you a voucher."

I questioned, "What is a voucher?"

Her response surprised me, "It means I can give you four stand-by tickets, and all you have to pay for are the airport fees." The fees were only $400! Four tickets for $400! We were ecstatic. So, we picked out the day to fly to the US and prepared for the trip.

The airport was crazy on the day we planned to leave. People were racing with their suitcases from one place to the next. We went up to the counter and gave the four tickets to go on the flight.

She said, "There is no way you can get on this flight! There is a Brazilian flight that got delayed, and now this flight is packed full. It's the Christmas season and all the other flights are full too." 

But God had called us to the US; we had to trust him.

So, we waited in the airport for two or three hours and prayed and prayed and prayed. I paced in the airport, just waiting. The last call to board the plane was very soon!


Then the lady at the counter came up to us and said, "Oh, do you know what? I don't know why, but exactly four people cancelled their plans to fly tonight, and you guys are good to fly."

Wow, I almost couldn't believe it! Amazingly, one of the open seats was in business class too! Not only did we get to go to the US for only $400 dollars, but my wife Gigi got to fly in business class. We smiled at each other. I then remembered a saying I'd once heard, There are some things you only get to experience as a millionaire or a missionary.

Sometimes it is really stretching to trust God, but when you do, He blesses you more than you can even imagine.

~ Guest Author: Leo Barros, School Staff @ YWAM Tyler TX


Leo's story is so encouraging and actually isn't unusual. Many at YWAM Tyler have stories like his of God's miraculous provision. If you're wanting to do a Discipleship Training School but you're not really sure how you'll be able to afford it, contact us today and let's pray together for God to make a way.

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Tyler Tom

Author: Tyler Tom

You can find Tyler Tom roaming the Twin Oaks campus taking in the fresh sunshine, or sipping a hot latte in the Substation. Enamored by God's faithfulness, Tyler Tom gathers stories and interviews to share with you from what God's doing with His children among the nations.

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