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Have you ever noticed worship songs, at least the good ones, use superlatives within the lyrics like "all nations," or "You're the supreme God," or "most beautiful." It's the kind of language we usually don't use in our everyday conversations? [video 3:12]

However, the greatness and glory and majesty of God demand that kind of language within our worship expressions.

I remember a few years ago when my daughter was about maybe 5 or 6 months old. It was Sunday morning, and I was running late for worship practice at church. I run out of the door, and my wife comes with the baby in her hands with a poopie diaper filled to the brim. She's handing me the baby saying, "Take her!"

Just like that I knew I didn't have a choice in the matter. So I took my daughter to the family room and put her on the table to open the "treasure box." The thing was literally full to the brim. It was a "ten wiper." I called it that because I used ten wipes to clean it up.

It took me a while to clean it up, and get it all squared away. Then I ran to church. I was already late!

For those of you who have changed diapers before you know the stench. The smell sticks with you for days!

So, I'm rushing to the church. We run through the songs real quick before for the first service, and then 8:15 comes around and we begin worshiping. There's one song where the line in the song is a superlative expression like, "... all nations will come and worship you," or something like that.

I'll let you in the little secret: Even worship leaders, while they lead worship are distracted sometimes! I don't know if you knew that? I was singing, and I sang that particular line of "all nations."

I'm thinking this: "5 minutes ago I changed my daughter's diaper, and I still have the smell up my nose. Now, I'm singing about Nations, worshiping, people groups, coming to worship," and there was a disconnect in my heart between the mundane -- you know, the poopie diaper and the God of the nations! 

It wasn't until I gave myself to this; until I surrendered to this reality that this gap was bridged. My friends, I want to encourage you. That's the power of worship, especially corporate worship! When we sing together, when we let ourselves use this language of praise that is only appropriate, given the greatness and vastness and glory of God.

When we surrender to this, we allow worship and His presence to come and remind us, the same God who is the Lord of the nations is the Lord of the poopie diapers. He is the Lord of our everyday. Only worship, the presence of God, and our surrendering to it, bridges this gap.

It's so powerful! We need to continue to be a worshiping Church!

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Josh Langer

Written by Josh Langer

Josh Langer, born in Germany and a missionary with YWAM since 2002, loves Jesus, people, worship, the nations, and Schnitzel! He is married and has three kids and is passionate about inspiring others.

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