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A few days ago I was pondering a quote by Lou Engle (one of my heroes): "The world needs wild men and women of God!"

I really like this quote because, honestly, I have tried to tame the wildness in me my whole life. I've often been frustrated with myself about it. When you think of what a godly woman is supposed to be, does "wild" come to your mind?

At times, I've felt abnormal and out of place like I'm too loud or talk too much. Why do I always have to be moving (20 plus times since high school)? Why do I always have to be traveling (8 countries and 48 states so far)? Why do I always have to be dreaming of changing the world? Why do I always have to be singing and dancing? For many years I didn't know God liked these things about me, but recently He's really been revealing to my heart that there's nothing wrong with me. He made me this way for a reason.

On the day I was pondering Engle's quote, I noticed one of my pastors had posted a picture on Facebook that said, "It's time to dream wildly." I loved it, so I reposted it. Then later that day I decided to drive my kids to the park. On the way I was still thinking about what it might look like to be wild for Jesus.

I thought about a man named Robert Wilder, who years ago ignited a prayer and missions movement on college campuses, resulting in 20,000 college students going to the nations as missionaries! I would definitely like a life like his. Then I drove past a street named Wilder Ave. I laughed but wondered if it was possibly just a coincidence. Finally as we were leaving the park, I heard one of the other parents call out to their son, "Hey, Wilder, come over here!" What?! I have never met anyone by that name! I had to go and ask the mom if I had heard her correctly, which I had. Jesus is so fun like that.


Let's not settle for the status quo friends! Let's dream the beautiful dreams of God even WILDER! 


Are you ready to discover God's dream for you? YWAM Tyler's DTS is a great place to start. Carve out time and space in your life to hear from God and enjoy a missions adventure you'll never forget. 

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Kriya Herzog

Written by Kriya Herzog

Kriya blogs with the YWAM Tyler writing team. When she isn't chasing her 5 children she is probably somewhere singing and playing guitar for Jesus really loudly.

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