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Nestled in the rolling hills of East Texas, the YWAM Tyler campus is gorgeous, and with over 500 acres, there are a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy! Let's take a look at the top 10 outdoor activities at YWAM Tyler.

1. Go for a swim

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Summer temperatures in East Texas get close to 100ºF! That's hot. Because of that, everyone wants to cool off at the end of the day. We have a lake and a swimming pool, the perfect places to chill.  


2. Catch some fish

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Back in the day, this campus actually used to be a catfish farm. Today, people still love fishing here, and there are some sweet spots for that. 


3. Play some soccer

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2-3 times a week, we have soccer games! Staff, students, base kids, and friends of YWAM come to bond and have fun playing soccer (or football, as some other countries call it.) Sometimes, we even hold official school vs. school games! Last time, it was the Discipleship Training School vs. the School of Worship. The DTS students were the victors!


4. Sand Volleyball

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During this last Discipleship Training School, volleyball was an almost everyday hobby. And it was a blast!


5. Tons of other outdoor games

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If you can dream it, you can do it. * There are all kinds of more traditional outdoor games you can play. Frisbee, kickball, etc. But if you think of something out of the box, that is fun too!

*Disclaimer: If it is actually dangerous, don't do it.


6. Take a walk "around the loop"


Many people here like to take a walk around 'The Loop.' The Loop is just about a mile, and it circles around our lake, housing, forest area, and fields. There are several other places and trails to explore on our 500 acre campus.


7. Watch a gorgeous sunset


Pictures just don't do it justice. Sunsets here are phenomenal! I've seen hundreds of sunsets on this campus, and I am still blown away. 


8. Stargaze at night

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One of my absolute favorite things to do here is stargaze. YWAM Tyler is outside of any big cities, so you can see SO MANY stars. It really gives new perspective to Psalm 147:5 - "He counts the stars and calls them all by name."


9. Chill in a hammock


With friends or by yourself, chilling in a hammock is a favorite. It is quick to set up, and you can relax and enjoy the nature around you.


10. Stop and smell the flowers


In the Spring and Summer, such a wide variety of flowers bloom. It is gorgeous! Whether you want to pick them, give them to someone, or just appreciate them, it is definitely a highlight of East Texas outdoors.

Obviously, there is so much more to do outside! These are just some of the top ones. What are some of your favorite outdoor activities?


Outdoor activities are great ways to bond with others and gain a greater appreciation for what God has made. Consider coming for a tour or coming for a Discipleship Training School to enjoy some of these outdoor activities! 

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Author: Allison Bice

I am 19 years old and I like cookies, decorating, hanging out with people, and learning about the cool stuff this earth has in it. I have been a part of YWAM Tyler since 2012 completing SST, DTS and SOE, and now I am full-time staff member there. :)