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Now What's in Store for Missions in Afghanistan?

In critical times of persecution and seeing those we love die because of their faith we can be at peace knowing Jesus is Lord over Afghanistan. 

As the government is overrun by the Taliban, and Islamic law sets itself up as the governing power over the people, our heightened attention to this geographical location is a good thing.

This isn't the first time this nation has undergone intense Islamic militant control. This isn't the first time we have cried out to God to have mercy on this land. 

We interviewed missionary John Weaver, who travels in and out of Afghanistan, and lived in country during the crisis pre and post 9/11. If anyone understands the turmoil, he does.

Get an insider's look at Afghanistan with John in this updated edition of: 

Inside Afghanistan: An American Aide Worker's Mission of Mercy to a War-Torn People

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Prayer for Afghanistan:

"God have mercy in Afghanistan, bless Your children with peace, give divine protection, sustaining grace, daily guidance, kingdom provisions as they be/make disciples. As some continue to plant and water, give the increase of Your Word. Let Your light shine in the darkness. Use this evil for good and the salvation of many Afghans, for Your glory among the nations." - John Weaver

Please consider helping us reach out with the love of Jesus to the displaced Afghani people. Your donation goes directly toward the "Afghanistan Crisis Relief Fund." Our teams are preparing now for the refugee crisis already building. Thank you for helping us prepare. 
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God is still calling his people into missions. You can say, "YES! I will GO!" and become part of God's redemptive plan for the world. We are here to help you walk out your God-given calling to go into all the world and make disciples. 

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If you'd like to talk with someone in our Strategic Frontiers department to engage in helping unreached people or evangelism to Muslims, contact us at sf@ywamtyler.org.

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Richard Fish

Written by Richard Fish

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