Fear can be so debilitating in our lives, but it doesn't have to be. If you're struggling with some type of fear in your life -- fear of failing, fear of deep relationships, or fear of the unknown, there is is hope. God loves you.

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"What an encouragement for you guys today! I was reading in first John chapter 4 verse 18 where it says, "where God's love is, there is no fear because God's love drives out fear."

And it occurred to me, it's not enough to simply be loved by God, or simply allow ourselves to be loved by God, that's not enough to drive out fear. What drives out fear is when we learn to live in a conscious acknowledgment of the fact that our God loves us!

It's walking in that knowledge. It's choosing to remind ourselves that our God -- the God of the universe, the God that created us and the world and everything in it, actively and intentionally loves us and cares about us.

So it's pausing in your day and asking yourself, "Okay in the midst of my fear in my situation, does God love me? Does God care about where I'm at? Does God have the ability to save me? Has he saved me in the past? Do I trust him in the future?"

It's walking in that knowledge that drives out fear. My challenge to you guys today is choose to remind yourselves and choose to walk in the knowledge of the consciousness that God loves you! God bless you guys."

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Nate Evans

Author: Nate Evans

Nate is a teacher with Youth With A Mission Tyler's School of the Bible training school and guest teaches with various other YWAM schools. He loves books, coffee, and Jesus.