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At YWAM Tyler, we are hearing amazing stories of God working in unforeseen ways. The Currey Family recently had such experiences with the Lord while on their Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) outreach to New Orleans. As a family, they obediently came to YWAM Tyler to get to know God, and it's exciting to see how He  has expanded their horizons and worked in and through their family.

Many times I have heard people say that doing ministry with children can open so many doors. I have been able to see this first hand these last few months. Yesterday, our team went and ministered to young people at a youth detention center. Our children did a skit which illustrated how our hearts can get broken, but God is so loving. He will renew our hearts.

I watched the youth's faces and saw the hurt in their eyes. I saw the youth who came in acting all tough begin to soften and really pay attention. I feel that our children were able to speak to these young people, and throughout the rest of the service, these kids listened. I pray the seeds that were planted will continue to be watered and these precious lives will be changed for eternity!


Later in the afternoon we took hotdogs to the homeless tents located under the bridge. Watching our children hand out hotdogs and pray for these people was amazing. Children really can change the atmosphere and open doors that we as adults may not be able to or even willing to sometimes. 😃 So thankful to be able to minister as a family!!

~ Kendra Currey, CDTS Graduate

The Lord really impacted me today. Our group divided up into several teams to minister to people in an impoverished part of Dallas as families. Our team handed out donated bread and pastries. We then offered prayer to these people as well.

We were able to pray for two women that looked to be homeless. As soon as we started praying, we all felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. We could feel the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through us into these women we were praying for. After we prayed, we hugged each woman upon leaving.


As I got into the car, I told my companions I never would have prayed for those two women before coming into YWAM. It reminded me of a YouTube video I watched a while back, where a pastor dressed up like a homeless person and was pretending to be sleeping by the front door of a church on a Sunday morning. Not one person attending the church that day offered to help this person. They simply kept walking by into the church. That is exactly who I was before starting this training.

I can still feel the presence of the Holy Spirit strongly, as I think of the prayers we prayed for these ladies this afternoon. I will never view ministry the same again after today.

~ Ryan Currey, CDTS Graduate


In July 2019, YWAM Tyler will be hosting a Family DTS, specifically geared for families wanting to do grow closer to Jesus together. If you're ready for a fresh perspective on ministry, then join us!! You won't regret it.

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Tyler Tom

Written by Tyler Tom

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