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YWAM outreaches are always life-changing! Recently, we had another group of amazing students graduate one of YWAM Tyler's missionary training schools. Students traveled to South Korea, Hungary, and Romania to share the love of Jesus with everyone they encountered in these lands. We always love to hear testimonies of what God is doing in students' lives during their travels. These stories are so encouraging! God is winning in the nations 😃 ❤️


Today I conquered one of my biggest fears: public speaking. I’ve always dreaded going up and speaking in front of crowds. Speech in college was terrifying for me and that was only in front of 20 other students. Now look where I am ~ on the streets of Hungary speaking in front of who knows how many people! It’s crazy how God can steady your nerves and give you peace when you need it. Even if it feels like too much, God is never going to give you what you can’t handle. 

~ Claire Shore


Our last week of outreach was spent at Gochon Church in Gimpo, South Korea.

We were each given a class of kids to teach English, like previous camps, but this one was more like a vacation Bible school and was a lot shorter.

Even in only a few days, our YWAM team became close with so many of the Korean staff. It was too hard to say goodbye. So thankful to have friends on the other side of the world who are so encouraging and love Jesus.

I love how two cultures that are so different can come together with the same thing in common: the love of Jesus. Outreach might be over, but God is still working, and He is still moving in us every day. I am expectant to see what’s next.

~ Savannah Thorbjornsen


What an incredible experience it was to staff this mini Discipleship training school in South Korea! We got to see a bunch of timid teenagers transformed into followers of Jesus. I had 7 beautiful girls in my small group, and they will each hold a special place in my heart. They are lights in God's Kingdom! As much as I got to pour God's love into them, I got to see it poured out of them as well. They taught me so many things like fun Korean games, how to eat certain Korean foods, and how to lead and be vulnerable with people you don't know super well. I am so proud of every single one of them, and I am extremely grateful to have been apart of such an amazing and life giving week. God is so cool!

~ Lindsey Tapia


I thought walking 80 miles with these guys was amazing. Little did I know being able to walk spiritually alongside them, seeing them grow tremendously with Jesus, would have rocked my world!

Working with 꿈의학교 (Dream School) was such a blast! These past 2 weeks will for sure go down in the books as some of the most fun, craziest, meaningful, and life impacting adventures of my 19 years on this earth.

I’m so grateful for all of the friends that I made and for the life lessons and growth that took place in me as well as each person involved with this school. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I can’t wait to be back again! 😉

~ Brian Russell


This past week was the hardest week I’ve had since being in Asia. My spirit thrives during connection. When I’m connecting with people around me, I feel most alive, and in a time where I couldn’t understand a word my kids said, I was frustrated. To see their little faces come up to me, spill out a string of squeaky words, and then not understand was disappointing for both parties.

Through the entire week, coupled with my translator to communicate, I know that just because I wasn’t seeing immediate results in the places I was planting seeds, I’m okay with that. My God is bigger than my vision & my expectations.

Asia isn’t the same place it was when we got here. It has shifted. Many people are not the same, and there is still more change to come. A different Katrina is going to be stepping foot in America. I’m nervous; I’m expectant; I’m healthier; I’m full of joy, and I’m exhausted. 9 more days here, but I’m entirely present.

~ Katrina Dunning


It was the most physically challenging thing I've ever done in my life but we made it! The Tyler team walked 80 miles across beautiful countryside, over steep mountain roads, through cities, seaside forest, and beaches to pray over the nation of South Korea with hundreds of teens. We are now at the Dream School campus in Sosan where our Mini DTS will take place next week. Knowing God in a personal way is key to living the Christian Life. May we help set these teenagers on a course to life long relationship with Him!

~ Deserea Lachelle Byrd


The last two months I’ve been in Europe. I’ve stayed in Bucharest Romania, Constanta Romania, & Budapest Hungary. I have seen and done things I never thought I would. I am in AWE of our God, who is with us every single second. I’ve seen people healed by Jesus in the last two months, and I’ve seen a girl accept Jesus into her life and say she wants a relationship with Him. I’ve sat with the homeless; I’ve stayed up till 4:00 AM in club areas evangelizing, and I've gotten UP at 4:00 AM to hand out coffee and pray for people on the Black Sea. I’ve shared my testimony. I’ve cried with people and for them. I've laughed and sang with my sweet friends, and mostly, I’ve discovered more and more of who Jesus is to me, and all He requires is me being me.

There is no striving for His love; it’s a free gift given, and in Him I am free. I’ve walked in rain and rode on trains, buses, and trolleys. Every second I was gently reminded by God: life is not about you. This is what I live for: LOVE. I’m never more alive than when I’m loving. Jesus is so kind to have let me travel and speak about Him. Truly blessed and truly so excited for my future. I know God has so much in store for me, and He’s walking with me every step.

~ Madelyn Johnson


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