Most everyone wants to travel the world, right? There's something adventurous buried deep within our DNA. We want to explore and experience, touch and taste, and overwhelm our senses with the diversity of life on this amazing planet God has made. So we scrimp and save until we have enough for airfare then stuff a backpack and head off into the unknown.

What do we hope to find out there? Adventure? Adrenalin-rushes? A good time with friends and some awesome photos of famous sites to take home with us? Maybe the chance to go someplace that no-one we know has ever been? YES to all of the above!!

But what if I told you there was a way to have all these experiences while AT THE SAME TIME growing radically in your relationship with God and having opportunity to serve people of other cultures in life-changing ways… would you be up for that?

Introducing Youth With A Mission’s Discipleship Training School ~ Tyler, Texas!

“TEXAS?” you ask. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t on top of your list of exotic destinations. But if you’re thinking “desert”, let me show you some pictures that might help change your mind:

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Twin Oaks Ranch 107-475662-edited.jpg

 And If you’re thinking cowboy hats and country music, check these out:



Twin Oaks Ranch 232-508300-edited.jpg

In Discipleship Training School (DTS) you get to live here on this beautiful 450-acre property for twelve weeks, sharing life with a bunch of others from all over who want to know God as much as you do. You live, laugh, cry, work, and learn together; by the end of this time they will feel more like family than friends. You also get to sit under the wisdom of incredible people who have experienced adventures with God that will blow your mind. You get to hear about the nations of the world and what God is doing to make His name famous in those places, then you can join your prayers with a roomful of others who are believing God for even greater things! Sounds better than working late nights behind a dingy bar somewhere, right?




But it doesn’t end there! After twelve weeks in Texas, your school will launch out on what we call “outreach.” This usually involves a road-trip to some other destination in the US to reach out to people with the love of Jesus, followed by an international adventure on a shoe-string budget to discover God’s heart for people in another nation. It could be the mountain villages of Central America, the cities of Asia, the jungles of South America, or the desert plains of North Africa.

Wherever you go, you will get to experience the culture of the people in a totally unique way. This happens because you go to SERVE the people, rather than be served like a tourist. You get privileged access to meet people right where they live, something a back-packers tour could never offer you. You get to listen to people’s stories and build relationships which will change you forever. You’ll probably find that your most treasured travel photos will be of PEOPLE, not famous landmarks (though you will most likely get to snap a few of those along the way, too!)




At the end of it all, you will return to Tyler, Texas for an incredible week of sharing stories and giving glory to God for everything He’s done during your DTS. And you will return home with your view of God, His world, and His incredible plans for your future irreversibly expanded.

Now doesn’t that sound like a more rewarding five-month investment than a Eurail pass and youth hostel membership? God's got an adventure awaiting for you!

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Louise Brown

Author: Louise Brown

Louise is an Australian with four awesome school-aged kids. Together they have travelled around the world with YWAM since 2013, finally landing in Texas in 2017. Louise currently writes with the YWAM Tyler blog team and loves being part of this worshiping, serving, Jesus-loving community!