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We thought it would be awesome to take two very different, but vital departments on our campus and switch them for day. You know there are always two sides to every story. Well, this is no different!

This is the Hospitality girls' side of taking over the grounds department! We weren't sure what would happen when the girls jumped into "Big Red" and fired her up! We don't think they ran over anyone that day, but we can't be sure. 



So what happens when the guys decided to make goodies for "Tea Time Tuesday" at our Twin Oaks campus? Well, at least the mixer didn't blow up! We think they did quite well. Hope you don't salivate to much watching the tasty morsels they whipped up. ;)



ywam-tyler-missionary-taylor-hospitality-departmentTaylor Shortreed currently leads our Hospitality Department. She and her team make our events and guests truly feel valued and loved. After the day she switched roles with the Grounds Department, we asked her a couple questions.

What's it like being the head of grounds?
"Being the head of grounds is a huge opportunity. I just feel like you get to make this base look beautiful while you work hard and gain muscle."

What's your favorite thing about being the Hospitality Department Leader?
"My favorite thing about being a department leader is leading these wonderful ladies into being hospitable for the Lord and on occasion leading wonderful ladies on to being grounds guys for the Lord. I also love having the freedom to come up with ideas and see them blossom into something beautiful." 


ywam-tyler-missionary-zach-grounds-departmentZach Balciunas is our Grounds Crew leader. They do an amazing job making our 400+ acres enjoyable and beautiful. We recently asked Zach, What have you learned while leading the Grounds Department?

"What I've learned while serving on Grounds, is how important each individual is. No matter what organization you work for, you're going to work with people. How can you set yourself up to be respected but also influence them for the better? The challenge for me isn't looking how I can use someone, but how I can invest in them while I have them with me. How can I help unlock what inside them, and how can I love them the way Jesus loved His disciples."?

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Tyler Tom

Written by Tyler Tom

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