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Bringing Hope to Thousands at the Southern Border

OMGosh! Are you kidding me?! After our outreach team returned from 5 long eye-opening days on the border of the US and Mexico, I heard the stories with fresh ears. Now, I'm almost crazy upset and asking, "GOD, what can we do?"

I don't need to reference any news articles because it is my friends and co-workers who have seen it first hand.

Watch the recap video of our first trip.

Watch this 15 min documentary we put together to show what's happening. This is a must watch.

When my co-worker Patty uploaded a photo onto the big screen for our weekly staff meeting, we all sat dumb-founded because of what we were seeing. It was a ginormous tent-like building housing 5,000 unaccompanied⏤or in my words abandoned⏤children.

ywam tyler border kids housing bus

ywam tyler kids housing facilities at border

Inside are kennel like sections where children are separated by age groups⏤and⏤yes, like me, you want to know what happens. I have bad news. We don't know. Maybe a distant relative in the US might become aware of them and come get them, or they are forgotten. 


Lea and husband Matthew lead MotovisionX who are partners with us in the fight against human trafficking. Lea told us the mother of this little girl was terrified because she was fearful of the cartel.

ywam tyler missionary hope at the border lady and child

It's hard to believe this is happening on US soil. Maybe it could in some far off developing country with an "we don't know what to do" mindset. But I can't sit by and let my grandkids read these stories in their history books, then turn to me and say, "Hey Grandpa, what were you doing when all this was going on?" 

I hate guilt trips. Nothing worse than a call to action which moves us because someone says, "You are just not doing enough and people are dying." Yes, I realize humanitarian crisises are happening all over our world.

Starvation is wiping out tens of thousands … DAILY! War between cultures and nations create devastating living conditions for those who have no resources. Tyrannical governments lord it over people, pilfering their attempts to do better. I understand this and you probably do too. 

So, what will your grandkids say about your actions, faith, and prayer regarding the needs around us? I want to be able to say I did something meaningful. This blog is just one attempt to help. 

I'm just going to jump in here and make you an offer. You and I can do something to help one of the estimated 18,000 children displaced on our Southern Border. Go here and find out more: HOPE at the BORDER.

  • A health and activity kit for a kid is less than $20USD.
  • You can share content on this subject. Several Sunday School classes have donated kits already.
  • You can come down here to East Texas with your family, church or friends and we will go with you to minister to those hurting at the border. We even have kits to bless the Border Patrol agents. 
  • Volunteer as a doctor or nurse, we have a medical team going down this month.
  • Bring a Youth Group or Small Group down and sort clothes for those needing fresh underwear, socks, and t-shirts

I understand the political arena on the subject of immigration is divided. Our family knows first hand the challenges of the system because of our own international adoption journey. However, in the midst of seeking to work out a good plan, 170,000 people came to the border last month hoping for a future. Some made it through legally, but many are traumatized by the cartels and have become victims. 

An eight-year old little boy with a two-year girl strapped to his back was scooped up by the Border Patrol. They asked him, "What's your sister's name?" Bewildered the little boy responded, "She's not my sister. I found her all alone and she couldn't walk because her legs are hurt." 

My friend Patty continued her talk with our staff..."The saddest thing I heard at the border was from a friend who works in one of the crowded tent-buildings. She told me the kids mostly cry all day because they’re scared and don’t know what’s happening."

I'm still thinking, "What can I do for them?" Until I can go myself, I'll do all I can to mobilize others, pray, and support those who can go. If you're asking this as well, please visit this link: HOPE at the BORDER.

Will you join me? The kids need us. 

ywam tyler hope border two little girls


ywam tyler hope border patty with child


ywam tyler outside border ministry debbie

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Richard Fish

Written by Richard Fish

Richard blogs with the YWAM Tyler writing team and currently serves in Media Communications at the Twin Oaks campus in Garden Valley, Texas. His water bottle is anywhere but in his hands and walking and texting is in his wheelhouse skill set. You may find him directing a play at CHS or trying to get his life sized John Wayne cutout to stay standing in the office.

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