I was drowning in depression

Before I knew God, I drowned in dark depression, deceit, and lived in fear. Sin and suicidal thoughts controlled me, and I had no escape. I struggled to find so many things: purpose, love, peace, joy, zeal for life, and much more.

Meeting the Lord of all creation brought me out of the trap I was ensnared in and gave me life abundant. Not life without struggles, but life with hope.

When I think of God, I think of peace, love, kindness, humility, trustworthy, faithful and truth.

There is no room for doubt or confusion when my Father is in the room. He is my light, my hope, my shield, my salvation, my life, and my purpose. My love for him overflows in my heart as I trust him fully and completely with everything I have and everything I am.

There is no room for the depression that used to cloud my mind, the fear that used to overtake my thoughts every day and night. Now my life is in His hands, and I am safe even if I am in danger.

His truth covers me like snow over dead leaves.

👉 He is Creator – the Creator of everything. He designed us exactly how he desired, making us into the exact image of himself. He created us in love and purpose and gave us each unique gifts and desires.

Our hearts are made for him – to love him and know him. He wants to know our hearts too. He already knows them, but we reveal ourselves to him out of love for him. We love our Creator, and our Creator loves his creation.

He made us perfectly, fashioned each of us specifically until he finished. His heart is sad when the creation forgets its Creator because he longs to be with us in love. His heart hurts when his creation is mistreated, disrespected, or made to forget it's worth because he made it invaluable.

👉 He is King – the true king. He is sovereign and good and just. His love is shown through his mercy, and through his fair judgment. His authority is perpetual, and no one is above it.

No one can see him without bowing in reverence and awe. He is the best king, fair, kind, and caring. He stands for everything good, righteous, and noble. He looks out for the little guy and cares about the smallest creature. He takes care of his kingdom, hidden in the hearts of each of his children.

We are heirs to the inheritance he possesses. He never holds his power over us tauntingly but uses it to show us who he is – a kind king who knows what is best and acts upon it.

👉 God is a Fatherthe Father. His daughters and sons are forever basking in the glow of his wonderful light and love. His fatherly heart is gentle, kind, tender, and vulnerable.

He pursues us relentlessly, forgives us consistently, and loves us always. We spit in his face, and he kisses our foreheads. We run away, and he sprints after us, inviting us into his house. We are beloved to him. He is the perfect dad, without fault or flaw or blemish.

He is not selfish or unkind. He never puts us down, but instead builds us up and gives us good gifts out of his love for us. We never have to be afraid. Despair has no hold over our lives when he is there. He places us on his lap, and we can stay there as long as we desire. His never failing love keeps us in his presence.

👉 He is a Friend – the best friend. His love is faithful, real, and never ending. It is unchanging. He is loyal and true. You can be his friend, you just need to take the hand he's offering you–the hand of grace and forgiveness.

The blood he shed took away the sin that takes us away from his embrace. His embrace is tight and joyous as he runs to scoop us up. He is always happy to see us and is quick to forgive. He doesn't hold a grudge and cares about each little thing in our lives.

Who is God?

He is Love. He is Father, Friend, King, Creator, unchanging, and consistent throughout time. He is our only hope and purpose, and he offers himself to us freely.

Will you accept him?

Our mission"s motto is "To Know God and Make Him Known." If you've read through this blog and want to know God this intimately, join the next Discipleship Training School. God deeply cares about you, your future, and your friendship with him.

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Mia Buckley

Author: Mia Buckley

Mia is from Louisa, Virginia. She completed her DTS in January 2020 and is currently attending SOE with an outreach right around the corner. When asked about her future plans? "I’m planning to be obedient to my Father and that’s about it."