“Hey you, hey you!” screamed the alarm. When is she going to change that song?! It’s a terrible way to start everyone’s morning! Living in a confined space with 15 other girls was starting to take its toll on me. Half asleep I rolled out of my sleeping bag and shuffled my feet into the bathroom. I turned on the lights and immediately noticed the fingerprints all over the mirror and the toilet paper on the floor.

I was in charge of work duties during this particular outreach but no one seemed to be adhering to their tasks. So, was it up to me to do the job if they failed to? Was I not being clear? Did they not know how to? My mind raced as I made my way to the toilet. Then I stopped dead in my tracks.

There it was, just staring back at me. I was appalled, astonished, and dismayed. I stormed out of the bathroom frantically looking for a plunger. This has gone too far. Inadequately completing your work duty was one thing but this was all together something else. Did they really just expect someone else to clean up their mess? Out of all the things that I’ve done in my life, I have reached an all time low. Is this what my life has amounted to? 😭

Then a thought popped into my head, “Have you told them that in the case they should clog the toilet, they are responsible for unclogging it?”

“No,” I said out loud, “but that’s just common sense!” I snapped in addition…“Right?!”

”Well,” came the reply, “you would think so, but your expectations of others are often times contingent on your past experiences and current abilities. However, not everyone has experienced the same things as you. Some grew up where their parents would have taken care of ‘the situation’ without them having to ask. Some were not taught how to clean. Some simply never had the opportunity to be independent.” That was hard for me to grasp. Yet, I knew the Holy Spirit was right. He was always right.


So I put my pride aside … and any dignity I had left for that matter. After some searching and conversations, a team was assembled to de-clog the toilet and record a video tutorial on how to properly clean. In addition, I instructed on where to find all the proper supplies and the importance of stewarding other people’s things because sometimes God tests us with other people’s things before He gives us our own. He notices how we treat what others have so graciously put under our care.

I often times forget God has a sense of humor. I asked Him to teach me godly leadership but failed to specify the semantics. The method may have been less than favorable, nevertheless, He taught me quite a bit through that experience. I realized knowledge equals responsibility. If God doesn’t hold us responsible for what we don’t know, then I shouldn’t hold others responsible for what they didn’t know either. It was up to me as the leader to clearly express what was expected and equip them with everything they need to accomplish what is expected. It was also important I explain the significance of doing the following task.

Finally, I needed to follow up and ensure it was done, and should it be necessary, roll up my sleeves and show them how to do it, leading by example.

~ Guest Author: Marina Moroz, recent graduate of DTS


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