Excerpt from Values Matter by Darlene Cunningham

No one says it quite like Darlene Cunningham, co-founder of the largest mission organization on the planet — Youth With A Mission. In her book, Values Matter, the following excerpt makes us as "ywamers," laugh, ponder, and even cry. We think you'll get a kick out this too and perhaps hear God calling you to step out in faith to follow Him to ends of the earth.


Recently, I was pondering some of the unique ways God has equipped YWAM to be a visionary pioneer movement. He has called us to continually be receiving, nurturing and releasing fresh vision from God. Thoughts began to cascade from my mind faster than I could write them down:

We carry 200+ different passports.

We are young and old, but mostly young.

We come in all sizes and shapes and every wonderful shade of skin color that God ever created.

We speak hundreds of different languages.

We love flags and maps.

We prove daily that all nations and generations can work well together.

We love going to the most remote places on earth with the Good News - from Stone Age tribes to urban high-rise dwellers.

We minister to children and elderly; rich and poor.

We are convinced that every talent can be used for the glory of God … hip-hop, ballet; painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, etc.

We have remarkable worship bands and composers who constantly write new songs. We play classical music too.

We dig wells and build homes.

We do eye surgeries, play sports, make films, use Internet technology and deliver babies for the glory of God.

We plant churches in unchurched places.

We feed the poor and the needy - especially refugees and homeless - but we can put on a five-star meal when needed.

We respond to injustice not just because of human need, but because it breaks God's heart. And we help write laws to right those wrongs.

We minister to the sick and the well; the imprisoned and the free.

We create micro-businesses and train former prostitutes, militants and street kids with marketable skills.

We build bridges of communication between rebels and governments, and help warring ethnic tribes to resolve their conflicts.

We have a passion for ice cream, peanut butter and cheap air tickets.

We pay our YWAM school tuition in dollars, rupees, kroner, bhat, won, shillings, rubles, rand, pesos, dinar, yen, euros, lira, yuan, pounds ... and in rice, beans, papayas, goats and chickens.

We have homes all over the world on ships, in castles, hotels, barns, tents ... even in jails.

We can pack fast.

We can wear the same clothes for a very long time, but we clean up well.

We can sleep anywhere - hammocks, floors, airport benches, and when standing in long lines.

We can eat anything and have seen more food miracles than we can recount.

We travel by air, boat, train; in cars, buses and trucks; on the backs of horses, donkeys and camels. And we're also experts in the science of pushing vans.

We tolerate mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas and mosquitoes, but are terrified of dogs when going door-to-door.

Oh, yes, and we preach ... on university campuses, in red light districts, on boats, planes and trains.

We love to teach about the character of God and how His world works.

We know that God is good, He speaks, and He will always be faithful

to fulfill His promises.

We love God, His Word, and His world.

All these characteristics equip us to be the apostolic, visionary tribe that God has called YWAM to be.

- Darlene Cunningham, Values Matter

YWAM is called to be visionary, continually receiving, nurturing and releasing fresh vision from God. We support the pioneering of new ministries and methods, always willing to be radical in order to be relevant to every generation, people group, and sphere of society. We believe that the apostolic call of YWAM requires the integration of spiritual eldership, freedom in the Spirit and relationship, centered on the Word of God. - YWAM Foundational Value #5

Ready? Ready to join the movement yourself — discovering God's purpose for your life and experiencing an adventure you'll never forget? Now is your time.

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Tyler Tom

Written by Tyler Tom

You can find Tyler Tom roaming the Twin Oaks campus taking in the fresh sunshine, or sipping a hot latte in the Substation. Enamored by God's faithfulness, Tyler Tom gathers stories and interviews to share with you from what God's doing with His children among the nations.

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