I find myself praising God when life is going good. I can say in the morning (good times) you, God, are good. In those times, it’s easy to thank God for what you have. You run to God, you tell others about God, and you kind of feel invincible. Life’s going great. Am I right?

There is a song that says,

“You are good. 

In the morning I say you are good. 

In the evening I say you are good. 

You are good to me. 

You keep on getting better!“


But what about in the evening (bad times)? Is He good then? Think about the worst times in your life. Did you run to Him or blame Him?

Total honesty here, in the last couple of months, I have found myself in a lot of pain and hurt. In times like this, we need to say you, God, are good.

I’m figuring out how to look at God the same way in all circumstances and that’s good. I want to be able to praise Him and feel invincible in the bad times like I do in the good times. 


He is an unconditionally, loving Father who doesn’t waver or falter. He is with us in the evening and the morning. Whenever we run to Him, He is there and whenever we try to run away from Him, He is there waiting for us to come back.

I’m learning that He walks with me in everything. He will never leave, no matter what happens. He is kind. He can’t be shaken. He keeps getting better.

If we can look at God in this way circumstances in life, both good and bad, are just circumstances. They won’t define how we think about God.

Life will have its ups and downs, but God is always good.

Life just keeps getting better, because He never changes. As I grow in my understanding of Him, life just keeps getting better. 


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Siovhan Melvin

Author: Siovhan Melvin

Siovhan and her husband and 2 kids came to do Family DTS with us in 2019. They hail from Southern Illinois and have also completed the School of Evangelism training here at YWAM Tyler.