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A Personal Perspective on the Border Crisis

We worked with a local charity yesterday at the Border.

This charity is where people go when they have passed through immigration and are waiting for family members to purchase bus or plane tickets for them. People can stay here up to three days. Often they have not eaten, showered, or even rested⏤or very little⏤for days or weeks.

The charity provides a few hygiene supplies, diapers and wipes for babies, meals, clothes, and a place to try and rest. Whenever I heard things about the Border over the last couple of months, my imagination ran wild just thinking what it would be like, but NOTHING could have prepared me for what I saw.

humanitarian packs

I prayed before going, asking God to give me His heart and perspective for these people. I asked Him to allow me to see these people through HIS eyes. He gave me a small glimpse because, quite honestly, I could not have handled what He feels for each man, woman, and child we saw.

We walked in and there were people EVERYWHERE. Children were crying. There was a tangible heaviness. I thought the heaviness came from all of the trauma these people had suffered. It was spiritual, emotional, AND physical.

hispanic girl with tears border

We took a tour and began our ministry. We were dancing, playing games, and sharing Jesus with the kids as their parents watched. Then, some of us decided to grab some nail polish and paint people's nails who were waiting in line for clothing distribution.

We sat down on the floor and began painting both kid's and parent's nails. I finished one, and there was another … and another … and another … as I grabbed each child's hand, I saw scars on their sweet little hands. I knew there had to be some on their hearts and minds as well.

When one little girl, about four years old, sat in front of me, I saw scars on her knuckles. Tears filled my eyes as I painted her nails because there was so much dirt CAKED under her nails. I felt an intense wave of love for her, along with pain, for the things she'd already gone through at the tender age of 4.

That was when it hit me.

When I looked into her eyes, there was pain and desperation. BUT there was also a remaining bit of childlikeness. I knew there was a story. I knew that the journey she had embarked on with her parents, siblings, and strangers was a traumatic and tough one, as she had traveled for days, weeks, or even months.

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 9.43.15 AM

However, I also got to experience the slightest glimpse of the love that the Father of All feels for this sweet babe. I know a glimpse of the pain He feels for her. While I can't imagine the journey she has embarked on, I pray that little girl and SO SO SO many others will find the real love that Abba has and the hope only He can give each of them.

No matter what your view of the things happening at the Border is, please consider partnering with us at YWAM Tyler and go with us to get a personal perspective. You may see a few pictures, but it will NEVER do what seeing it with your own eyes will!

~ Jaclyn Danielle, YWAM Tyler Missionary

Please click the button for more information about how you can help and get involved.

Hope at the Border

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