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Finding Jesus Changed My Life Forever

It was about 24 years ago, when I saw this sign for the first time at the base entrance.

I was a broken, pregnant teen from New York who found myself in Texas in a maternity home my aunt found that was part of some "weird Christian thing" called YWAM.

Little did I know that this place would become home for me.

In this place, I would give my life to Jesus, who I honestly thought was pretty disgusted with me.

My entire foundation in the Lord would be built here.

As I drove around the base for the first time in years to show my son around, I became overwhelmed by emotions and could barely speak.

I wept.

I wept for the memories of all God did while I was here.

I wept for all of the things that have happened to me since then.

I saw a lot of young people, new "YWAMers," and people who had no idea who I was.

I wished I could tell each of them my story and encourage them to cherish their time here... because one day, after they've lived life a while and might be carrying the weight of things they never imagined they'd have to carry, they'll miss these days.

They'll long for these days.

I am SO thankful God has made a way for my kids to have their own adventures with Him here—their own stories.

Whatever their stories with this place look like, starting with SST's (Summer Student Training), may it change their lives as much as it did mine. 

- Rebecca 

Rebecca (Bekki) gave us permission to repost her story in photos. From our ministry at Living Alternatives to the Discipleship Training School and now SST, her life has been impacted by the love of Jesus. We hope you'll find her story filled with hope.

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Written by Tyler Tom

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