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YWAM Tyler Blog

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Anthony Huerta

My name is Anthony Huerta, I am 25 years old and grew up in West Texas. I have had an exciting, eventful life that was spurred by a tumultuous lifestyle. My choices have allowed me to see and experience many things, all of which I am fortunate for. Today, I am living in Tyler, TX on the Youth With A Mission, Twin Oaks Ranch, as the primary liaison between YWAM Tyler, and Shiloh Ministries, as well as, working full-time in the Mobilization Department. My passion is seeing people of all different backgrounds, education levels, social classes, ethnicities and ages overwhelmed by the love of God.

We are blessed here at Youth With A Mission to be exposed to incredible things around the world that few will ever experience. This privilege is what propels many of us out of bed to continue doing what we do as full-time missionaries. However, through this privilege there has been some difficult, inconceivable moments revealing the depths of human depravity. We have taken a glimpse into what...





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