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Amy Fish

Almost 20 years ago, God called Amy to go and make disciples. From the inner city streets of America to the barren bush of Africa, sharing the love of Jesus has been her passion. In 2006, she did her DTS in Chiang Rai, Thailand. She's been married for the last 27 years to her best friend and is honored to be the mom of four beautiful children. She's a huge fan of dogs, coffee, games, and her family.
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It was the day before we were to leave on our outreach to LA & Alaska. Our family's airline tickets had already been purchased, but the remaining needed funds, which amounted to $2500, was still unpaid. We were the only team members lacking too. First thing that morning, our school leader met with us to make sure we clearly understood the expectations; we couldn’t go on outreach if we didn’t...

During my time in a small fishing village named Naknek, I met a young lady whom I’ll never forget. We had gone to this particular home to actually connect with a young man I had met on the streets a few days prior, yet God’s plan was to connect my heart with this girl instead and become part of the rescue operation in her life.





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